A vision of my office (see long-range goals below)
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1) I was looking forward to hiring interns when I got sidetracked by cancer. I need six weeks of radiation (ending Aug 8) to kill it. The lesion is shrinking but not without laying distractions in my way. But I still plan to pursue this.

2) I will search for volunteer interns in June once I hear, "Monique, you're cancer free!" and ring that bell off the wall.

3) I apologize but this has to be in my rearview mirror before I give this house my full attention. 

4)I want my publishing house occupied by a few more people first. Once I have a dedicated team of at least three staff members (names will be published), I will start accepting submissions. 

- - - - -

Thank you for visiting the Halcyon House website. I recognize that it still requires improvement. Operations will begin in mid-2023 or when I have a minimum of three-member staff. 

- - - - -

Things to Know

All ages of projects are acceptable to me. I have a soft spot in my heart for dyslexic, elderly, and first-time authors, and those who overcame things and want to tell the world.

Voice contributions will be accepted for those who feel uncomfortable sending textual text (details soon). PDF and DOC(X) documents are also considered. Receiving ready-to-publish content from contributors is good for a magazine publisher. I don't want anyone to be discouraged from submitting, though. Whatever stage the author is in, we will work together. 

What I will not publish:
  • manuscripts with extreme bloodshed, profanity, or strong sexual content, as well as those with a supernatural, vampire, or demonic element
  • author examples: Steven King and J. K. Rowling. 
Be guided by the idea of halcyon, which means "calm." 
I'll consider submissions that deal with 
  • happy recollections, serene poetry, haiku, feel-good stories, romances, and other topics.
  • emotional struggle with believable (learned), satisfying resolutions.
  • author examples: Nicholas Sparks.
Long-Range Goals
* There is now only one occupant of the home. But eventually, I want a mansion with lots of rooms and editors, marketers, and agents working there.


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