A vision of my office (see long-range goals below) Image by Juan Diego from UPDATES 1)  I have to clear out some other work before I give this my full attention. It won’t be long. 2) A second person may take up residence soon to handle some publisher-related duties.  3) I thought I was ready to take on clients. But I want my publishing house occupied by a few more people first. When I have a dedicated team at least three staff members (names will be published), I will start accepting submissions.  - - - - - Thank you for visiting the Halcyon House website. I recognize that it still requires improvement. Operations will begin in mid-2023 or when I have a minimum of three-member staff.  - - - - - Things to Know All ages of projects are acceptable to me. I have a soft spot in my heart for dyslexic, elderly, and first-time authors. Voice contributions will be accepted for those who feel uncomfortable sending textual text (details soon).  PDF and DOC(X) documents are also con