From the author of Sweet Dreams

I’ve been reading and contributing to Monique Berry’s journals (Halcyon Days and Founder’s Favourites) for several years. Why? Simple. Because of Monique’s sense of style, erudition and understanding of the essence of every poem she includes in each issue. Because of her awareness of the overall effect of the poems and how they relate to the fabric of the journals. Because of her eye for choosing the perfect picture to enhance the reading experience. She’s like a film composer writing music that perfectly underscores the scene’s emotions while creating an ambience beyond the totality of the scene’s components.

I am honored that Monique chose my book of love poems to be her first venture into book publishing. The result gloriously combines the poems and pictures in a perfect ratio. Again, Monique’s eye for choosing the exact pictures out of a folder of dozens was almost uncanny.

 I hope everyone enjoys the poetry and feels the love I endeavored to put into words.

Bruce Levine, Saco Maine