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I want to publish the author's dreams, print them, and then know that others are holding them, too.

Monique Berry

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I've been a magazine publisher for twenty years and am well-versed in the publishing industry. I founded seven magazines; four are still online and in print.

I spent ten years as an editor, polishing and correcting the prose of novels and poetry collections, before launching my magazine business. For five years, I studied poetry, literature, and bookmaking at the university level. I have extensive editing and publishing experience, and take great joy in helping authors see their work published. Several publications have accepted my poetry and short fiction, including Personal Journaling, A Sitters Companion, and Quill & Quire.

I am currently outlining a novel and working on a collection of stories about inanimate objects told from the first-person perspective, based on my Perspectives Magazine idea.

In mid-2023, I will offer one-on-one sessions for some of my upcoming services. 

My Walk on the Word Side

1996, a girlfriend asked me to transcribe her handwritten novel manuscript into type. I accepted. The novel was so intriguing! That's when I knew I had to be a publisher. I edited two books and reviewed others. 

In 2006, my creative writing teacher, who assigned the class to write about life from an inanimate object's point of view, inspired me. Some students braved the read-out-loud request. I was so impressed that I thought there needed to be an entire magazine related to this! That's when my first magazine, Perspectives, was born. The first entry was life according to the eyes of a soul—not an inanimate object, I know, but I wasn't comfortable rejecting contributors. 

Fast forward ten years. I had a problem. I couldn't find any publications that promoted peaceful content to represent the feeling I had when I read the poem "A Psalm to my Beloved" by Eunice Tietjens. Solution? I conquered my limitations which were locked gates but turned out to be gateways. I created my own! Hence, Halcyon was born, which eventually became the current Halcyon Days.

Other publications included Twisted Endings and Christian Perspectives—six magazines and over 60 issues, all created and designed by myself. 

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Current Magazines

Halcyon Days, Founder's Favourites, and soon-to-be Perspectives (see links page).

Future Services

Chapbooks and novels.